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Why are we here?

We are here because we believe that every person who is a Christ follower has been given gifts, talents and skills that are designed for use in God’s Kingdom. We are also here because we want to help accomplish the Great Commission in our lifetime.

This website is a HUB where individuals, local churches and mission agencies from all over the world can connect, encourage and offer their piece of the puzzle by pursuing ways to serve each other in our effort to accomplish His purposes in this world. We are here because we want to help each member of the Body of Christ live out the reality that we are One Puzzle designed and ultimately put together perfectly by our King!

Featured Projects

Twelve day mission trip providing construction project support for an orphanage, youth street evangelism and community feeding outreach.


Ten day mission of hosting a community wide soccer clinic and recreational league matches with area teams.

Southeast Asia

Sixteen day mission of discipleship training and biblical teaching to seminary students.




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